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District 6900 Recognized for Top Rotary Youth Exchange Program in North America

Rotary Youth Exchange students enjoyed district conference and collected about $2,000 for CART!

Rotary Youth Exchange students enjoyed district conference and collected about $2,000 for CART!

At its 2019 annual conference last month, the Rotary North American Youth Exchange Network (NAYEN) recognized the leadership team of Rotary Youth Exchange District 6900 as one of the top three districts in North America. The prestigious Rotary NAYEN Silver award to the district’s committee recognizes a commitment to best practices, continual improvement, and excellence in the operation of the district’s Rotary Youth Exchange program.

A letter from the organization’s president to District Governor Court Dowis offered thanks to the members of District 6900’s Rotary Youth Exchange committee and commended them “for their leadership and respect to the program as the role model that it is for other districts across North America.”It was particularly impressive that District 6900 was recognized for its leadership and accomplishments after having just completed its first full three-year cycle of Rotary Youth Exchanges under the program.

District 6900 Rotary Youth Exchange committee members serve for a three-year term.The district team recognized for the award this year includes:

  • Ken Crowell – Youth Protection Officer
  • Kari Kirkley – Inbound Student Coordinator
  • Kathy Finn – Outbound Student Coordinator
  • Therese Rojales – Public Relations Director
  • Michael Stimpert – Finance Committee Representative
  • Michael Parks – District Youth Exchange Chairman

Nearly 11,000 high school students participate in the Rotary Youth Exchange program each year. District 6900 has already awarded more than half a million dollars’ worth of scholarships to Georgia high school students through Rotary Youth Exchange.Learn more about the program on our district website at Rotary6900.org/rye.

Posted by Mike Parks
May 6, 2019


Posted by Gillian Leggett
Rotary Club of Stone Mountain
May 8, 2019 11:08am

Congratulations and well deserved!

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